AgendaLM - Resolution of problems



In previous versions when we check for new version we get a communication error.

Due to
security settings on the server where is hosted AgendaLM
There is no solution for this error.


In any version you cant get this message :

Resolution :

Locate the folder where the AgendaLM installed, locate the file Prefs.ini

Double-click that file that will open by default in Notepad
Scroll down until you find these lines:




In this example, you need to change the last line, the date, to the format that your computer uses, in this instance,
the format here used is yyyy-mm-dd, ie would have to change to: 2010-09-22

The error is due to the fact that AgendaLM here read some dates in ENG format and in another format: PT.
When we open the AgendaLm in a PC where the date format is different, if the dates are not automatically corrected
this message may appear, until the error is corrected manually

Version 2010 - 1.0

When inserting a new record, and after inserting the name and after, only the address, when you save, this error appears.
The record cannot be saved, and forces us to close the AgendaLm through CTRL + ALT + DEL and end the process.

For this does not happen until the 2010 version - 1.1 is out, after inserting the address, click in another field, photo
phone, etc ... and then save.

This bug does not appear and the record will be saved.

Page updated in :  11 - Jun - 2012

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