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Version 2012 - 1.0

·Menus completely redesigned, now using Ribbon style
·New post'its
·Improved printing, sending any data by email, create pdf file, with or without a password and improve or not the quality of the images when they exist
·Attachments to contacts
·Automatic reorganization of the notes when they are grouped
·Options for the appearance of AgendaLM
·Create an Alarm from a Note
·Sorting the list of Alarms by Date and Time
·See Alarms for Today, redesigned.
·In alarm possibility of mute the sound
·Resolution of minor errors and several improvements


Version 2010 - 1.1

- Correction of minor errors in version 2010 - 1.0
- Possibility when import from synchronization to compare with existing records, with the choice of the field for the comparison

Version 2010 - 1.0

- Recycling of deleted record
- Reports / Custom Prints
- Auto Backups
- Alternative Icons to the notification area
- Advanced Editor in Notes
- Saves and restores dimensions of AgendaLM, in Contacts, Notes, etc.
- Export to Excel all the data and not only the Contacts
- The size of the images to be included may be limited by the user
- Import from MS Outlook, Outlook Express and export to MS Outlook
- Better alarms
- Resolution of many errors and many improvements
- A Translator from English to your desired language is avaialable at

Version 4.02 ( Online since May 01, 2008 )







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