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" - This program is very good, is free and simple to use. The author thought

very well in all the functions introduced and how introduced them.

Approved, recommended and we would risk off saying: obligator."

( Agenda LM - Version 3.5 - Release 0815 )

in Bits & Bytes - 2005.08.19

- It is not only an electronic Diary for Contacts, but also it allows to you to manage Passwords,
create Notes , create Alarms and to insert image (Photo).
- Personalization of the labels of the fields and of his visualization.
- Allows the synchronize of the records with another AgendaLm in another PC.
- Alarms hour and day you were re-using, recurrence, day, month, with sound, visible in MS-DOS...
- List of Birthdays.
- Post-its in the desktop.
- Password defined by the user on startup.
- Export to email, PDF, RTF, Html, etc.
- Allows the import of the contacts of other applications (Outlook, DBase, Excel, etc.)
- Individual printings, by filter, selected, etc.
- Can be installed in a pendrive, or copy the folder from the hard disk to the pen.

 Software.Informer Editor's pick award

Review - software.informer - March-2011

AgendaLM is much more than what its name implies – far from being a simple electronic diary that
will surely warn you about your unmissable appointments, it also offers you a number of utilities
that will help you manage your passwords, export your data into different text formats, add
pictures, and more.

Data is organized in helpful tabs that cover the main categories available through AgendaLM
general, birthdays, passwords, alarms, notes, and country codes. Under “general” you will find a
comprehensive list of fields to save important information about your contacts, friends, family,
etc., such as their phone numbers (up to six), e-mail addresses (up to five), Internet URLs,
photograph(s), date of birth, and many more. You can then associate each of these records to
any of the other tabs, so that you do not have to enter the same information more than once.

Under “notes” you can store roughly anything – in fact, the program comes with some juicy
recipes and some notes about buying some music CDs! This means that the possibilities here are
endless, though you are advised to follow the program’s pattern of creating clearly-labeled folders
to help you keep all your miscellaneous data organized and within easy reach.

The program offers you a number of fully configurable alarms, birthday lists, and post-it notes to
remind you of any important date or event. Besides, all the information contained in AgendaLM
can be easily exported into an Excel book, an HTML, PDF, or RTF document, etc.

Finally, it is important for you to know that regardless of the number of computers you use, you
can always rely on AgendaLM as the one and only agenda you will ever need, as all data stored in
your AgendaLM can be easily synchronized with any another AgendaLM sitting on a different


  • Detailed agenda entries.
  • Extensive list of extra utilities.
  • Well-structured interface with attractive layout.
  • None.

Reviewed by: Francisco Javier Martínez Calvo

Reviewer rating: Editor's rating 5

Reviewed: March-28-2011



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