AgendaLM - Downloads

- AgendaLM version 2012 1.0 - June - 2012

English version with the possibility of using another language using the Translator

- Added Language "Castellano". Thanks to P.Gralha for the translation

If you want to change some of the translated text, open with notepad the file English.lng or Castellano.lng,
in the same folder where AgendaLM is installed.

Be very careful, respect blank spaces, and these "symbols":


Don't change in Microsoft Word, because can add some blank spaces at the end, and between these "symbols": #NL# , %s , =


Utilities : (From English to your language)

Translator 1.1 (+/- 1 Mb) - Only for the version 2010 and previous

Utility to correct errors that AgendaLM cant correct automatically

To the version 4.xx  and 2010 :
- Util BD version 4.0 ( +/- 602 KB)


LMGest 2012